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 Discover the Seven Immutable Laws of Pleasure

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In this groundbreaking book, Jia Gottlieb MD dispels two thousand years of shared shame, guilt, and ignorance to reclaim the wisdom of pleasure as the ultimate guide to a beautiful and fulfilling life. Drawing on penetrating insights from history, cutting-edge neuroscience, and spiritual wisdom, he provides the knowledge and tools to transform your life by working with your human nature rather than against it, to live from love rather than fear. 

Featuring 23 illustrations/diagrams, 8 photographs, 5 original prints, and an extensive glossary, this book will change not only how you think about pleasure but how you experience it and live your life.
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Larry Dossey, MD
Author of One Mind
“This is one of the most important books you will ever read. Panoramic in scope and deep in wisdom, it is nothing less than a blueprint for a great life and our collective survival. In plain language, physician Jia Gottlieb plumbs the meaning of pleasure and pain to reach a vision of interdependence among all living things and their environment, where love, compassion, and balance are key: a crucial message for our time.”
Richard Freeman
Author of The Mirror of Yoga
and The Art of Vinyasa
"aah . . . exhale when you say it and dive into the mystery of the present moment with our longtime friend, Dr. Jia. This rich offering of yogic wisdom, science, and practical philosophy is presented in a refreshingly personal and effective way. Please study this book again and again. Please research and study all of the teachers and books that are mentioned within.”
Lorraine Moller
Olympic medalist, and author of On the Wings of Mercury
“Dr. Gottlieb has exposed the biggest hoodwink perpetuated on humankind, that we human beings are flawed and our suffering is noble. This masterpiece is a clarion call to reinstate Pleasure—and her various faces of Beauty, Truth, and Freedom—as our essential compass, not just for achieving our own excellence and enlightenment, but for navigating the next stage of our human evolution.”
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jia gottlieb md author of aah... the pleasure book

Medical Doctor, Father, and Author

About Dr. Jia

The son of an Austrian father and a Chinese mother, Dr. Jia was born to write this book. While his father schooled him in the logic of chess, his mother imbued him with the intuitive ways of the East. After completing a BA in physics from the University of Colorado, an MD from Northwestern University, and a Family Medicine residency at the top-ranked Community Hospital of Sonoma County, he journeyed to Japan and China for intensive training in martial arts and acupuncture. Returning to Boulder, Colorado in 1984, Dr. Jia established the Still Mountain Clinic, which he directed for over twenty-five years. He holds black belts in aikido and karate, plays the bamboo flute, is a lifelong student of yoga and Zen meditation, and is learning to tango. He is the proud father of three daughters.
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