Unlocking the Power of Pleasure for 
Personal and Planetary Change  

"We are living at a critical moment in human history where the potential for creating paradise on earth or destroying all of human life has never been greater. I believe a deep understanding of pleasure holds the key."

As information, like water, is only as good as its source, I’d like to give you a sense of where I'm coming from:

I was forged in the crucible of three cultures. My father, an Austrian Jew, met my mother during World War II in southwest China while keeping U.S. army trucks rolling over the Burma Road. I grew up outside of Chicago in La Grange, a white, middle-class commuter stop on the Burlington railroad.

Early in life, I got my street cred playing sports. In high school, I was a halfback on the football team and ran varsity high and low hurdles. My junior year I had a motorcycle accident, which abruptly ended my athletic career and I morphed into a pipe-smoking intellectual.
After graduating from college, I backpacked around the world for a year. During a 12-day trek high in Himalayas on the Jhompson trail, I realized I should become a doctor. From that time on at crucial junctures in my life, I would take to the highway for inspiration and guidance. And that’s how I became a seasoned traveler between worlds.
My three Katanas: Ashani, Jhana, and Satya
The house I lived in my first 18 years.
My mother and father circa 1945, China.
My favorite dog, Mooli, is in the upper-right corner watching over me.
physician and author Dr. Jia Gottlieb

Dr. Jia

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